Monday, 28 July 2008

Punisher War Zone Red Band Clip

Visitors from the last San Diego Comic Con have been 'treated' with a special red band preview clip:

My enthusiasm about this movie is waning... This comic con restricted footage of Punisher War Zone looks rather cheap. With some cheesy music in background... There will be a public for it no doubt, but there is no way this movie is gonna be a blockbuster...

Well, maybe it will cool down a bit Hollywood's craze for reboot movies if Punisher War Zone just crashes down...


Anonymous said...

The trailer is everything I hope it would be.

It seems to be as gritty as the Punisher Max comics and it has pumped my expectations to an all time high.

Its as if the license is handed over to Quentin and Robert to turn Punisher into a Grindhouse film.